Amanda Bynes: “Ugly” Rant Continues

Quick quiz: What does Amanda Byne’s dad and Miley Cyrus have in common?

Answer: Amanda Bynes thinks their both ugly.

Yesterday, Da Bynes, posted a picture of her estranged dad Rick, on Twitter with the caption: “Haha look how ugly my dad’s face is!”

Maybe that’s her way of saying Happy Father’s Day?

Then, Amanda targeted ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer Miley Cyrus by simply tweeting: “Ur ugly” and posted below a picture of Miley at the Billboard Music Awards.

Cyrus, didn’t respond, but we think a “Twerk Off” between the two would be the greatest battle ever!

The rant later ended when Amanda expressed that she can’t for her fans to see her on tour…even though she hasn’t started her album:

"I’m so looking forward to recording my album and going on tour! I can’t wait to see you all at my concerts!"

Tell us what you think. Would you go to an Amanda Bynes concert?

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Posted on Wednesday, 12 June
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